• My name is Vilmos Márton, I am a carpenter master and wood carver, I was born in 1953, in Szentegyháza. I live and work here even today.

    I am Zoltán Kovács Márton, I was born in 1980, in Székelyudvarhely. My current city is Szentegyháza. I am dealing with wood carving from 1998, when I have finished my studies.

    How could we define the popular wood carving?

    The wood carving is actually nothing more than a decoration on blank, plain surfaces and their enrichments. The wood’s decorative technique is inspired from folk art; this can be surface decoration or figural carving.

    With other words, the purpose of the folk carving is to create useful objects, and to create “beauty”.

    This duality is intertwined with everyday life and business. It is very difficult to say something in relation to folk wood carving or everything about it, because the objects are created of past experiences. These objects, art works made part of people’s life (just like nowadays), and they still carry their own honor and value.

    We can talk about a kind of traditional preservation what we assume, because our values, our traditions can survive, and live within us only in this way.
    Our “creations” are based on traditions, but we also satisfy new requirements.

    The new popular carving creations may be found in our houses, with the desire that our house to be our “sweet home” too, and not only a building.

    So in a nutshell this is what is important to say, and to know about popular wood carving.

    Please contact us trustfully, You can find us in the world’s highest Hungarian town, which is Szentegyháza (Vlahita).

    Our motto: “ from cradle to coffin, everything you need

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